Service Times:


Friday, March 29th 6:00pm CT

Saturday, March 30th 6:00pm CT

Sunday, March 31st 6:00pm CT


Transformation Church presents Ransom, a live stage performance during Easter Weekend. Ransom takes place in a city named Heavenia. The Princess, which represents the townspeople, is convinced by the Dragon to commit a crime and disobey the Great King. The King shows kindness and grace, but as a consequence to her disobedience, has a wall built around his castle so the townspeople can no longer freely access him nor his wealth. Soon after, the Princess is coerced into becoming the Dragon’s slave. As a threat to the kingdom, the Dragon sends a ransom note. The only way to save the kingdom is by rescuing the Princess from the Dragon’s power, so the King sends the Great Knight of Heavenia to rescue her.


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TC KIDZ Experience will NOT be available for our Ransom Production March 29th – March 31st at 6pm nightly. However, there will be a TC KIDZ experience during our Sunday Easter experience at 10am CT on Sunday, March 31st! Any questions regarding our TC KIDZ ministry please contact us at


We love TC Nation, our global, virtual partners! While we will NOT be streaming Ransom live this year, we encourage you to come visit us in-person. If you will be travelling to TC for the first time, let us know by planning your visit below.

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We will have onsite parking available on a first come first serve basis. Our amazing parking team will be ready to serve you and help you find parking in our parking garage or in one of our surrounding parking areas.


The following production contains content that depicts the crucifixion of Christ and may be sensitive for younger audiences. Viewer discretion is advised. Parental discretion is advised for children 13 and younger.